10 memes that sum up my life as a teacher...

Teacher humor: 10 memes that sum up life as a teacher.
Maybe it's just the time of year. Maybe it's the fact that I've been teaching for 11 years. Maybe I'm just tired. But tonight when I was "browsing" Pinterest, I came across some hilarious teacher memes that I swear were made specifically for me! And let's face it - humor is what gets us through this crazy ride of life, right?
I have one in every class. Waving their hand. Through the WHOLE lesson. And it's almost NEVER for any real emergency...
And closely related is this one. How many times have you been guiding a great discussion only to call on a student who has a "question" that is NOT AT ALL a question but a lengthy story that is barely related to the topic being taught?
And despite my best efforts at using call and respond techniques, I cannot seem to grab the entire class's attention. 
Could someone PLEASE explain to me WHY flipping a water bottle is so incredibly exciting? Why it has to be done 100 times during dismissal? Why the water bottle can't just sit there quietly through the entire class period?
I think I must have a specific issue with hand-raising in my classroom. Because this meme speaks to me. I'm standing there giving specific instructions. Elaborating on what is printed for the students to refer to. And I have 3-5 students desperately trying to get my attention so they can ask "clarifying questions" BEFORE I've finished explaining!
Sadly, this is more directed at ME than my students. Battling illness this winter has been ridiculous.
And this...every...single...Monday. When will I ever learn?!?
Especially when it's RIGHT after a class restroom break! And it's always an emergency. Don't they see that the TEACHER doesn't get an emergency break? Sheesh!
And don't get me started on the announced observations, unannounced observations, walk-through observations, snapshot observations, etc. JUST LET ME TEACH!
This. This is my life.
And truthfully, I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Teacher humor: 10 memes that sum up life as a teacher.


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