My favorite things about my classroom

I'm excited to be joining in with Teaching Trio for their monthly Favorite Things Linky.
This month's theme is "A Few of My Favorite Things About My Classroom".

1: #Hashtags
It started as a joke. Just to bug my husband.He thinks #hashtagsarestupid
But my students became obsessed. Everything they did started to have a hashtag. So I jumped on the bandwagon. Now I add a #hashtag to each of my daily learning targets – and the students remember them, interact with them, and explain the significance of them too!

 2: Rainbows
I’ve never been much for having a classroom “theme”, but I have always liked being surrounded by bright colors. Most of what I decorate my classroom with is functional or motivational, but it always includes a rainbow of colors. The colors make me happy even though according to one of my teacher friends, “it looks like a rainbow threw up” in my classroom. 

3: Plastic Totes
To say I might have a little bit of O.C.D. would be a huge understatement. It drives me CRAZY when things aren’t put where they belong. My solution to the never-ending piles of science materials in my classroom has been to buy out the plastic storage container section of Walmart. I use them to organize office supplies, unit materials, and student rewards. Everything is carefully labeled and stored for easy access.

What are a few of YOUR favorite things about your classroom? 


  1. I love your curtains!!! So cute! Is that just fabric tied in a knot? Please tell me how you did it! I need to make some of those!

    1. It was actually pretty simple. I just cut 2" fabric strips using a rotary cutter. Then I tied them onto a spring rod. Easy peasy!


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