Teacher Week - 5 Fun Facts About Me!

I'm a little late tonight, but I'm still really excited to be joining in Teacher Week 2015!
Blog Hoppin' is hosting this fun, week long linky party.
I can't wait to get to know some new teacher bloggers.

 But first, here are 5 fun (and random) facts about me!

I have four kids of my own.
Jonathan (19) is a sophomore at Austin Peay State University majoring in Physics AND math!
Sammy (18) just started a special transition to work program for students with disabilities and is hoping to find full-time employment.
Derek (10) is in fifth grade - which means he has ME as his science teacher. What a challenge that is turning out to be - for both of us.
Abbie (7) is in second grade and is the reason I refused to marry my husband (at first). Hahaha!

I have 98 fifth grade students.
I teach science/STEM to four homeroom classes at my school and see all fifth grade students throughout the day.

I have an amazing husband (who acts about 12 most of the time) who I have been married to for four years.

And I hate kids.
I start every year introducing myself to my class and sharing this fact.
Every year I get the same response...
Students want to know WHY I'm a teacher.
They remind me I have kids of my own.
Then I clarify my statement.
I am NOT one of those awesomely cute and cheery kindergarten teachers who can be patient with kids as they learn the rules of school.
I like my kids older.
Fifth grade is perfect for me.
Once they hit age 10 I like kids.
So, Abbie has three years to go.

I get so nervous in a crowd.
I worry about what other people might think about me.
I hate parties because I never know what to say.
I avoid conversations with strangers like the plague.
BUT, when I stand in front of my fifth graders, I put on the best performance of my life.
They don't scare me - too much.
I have to make a conscious effort to push myself out of my comfort zone. (not easy)

My husband is a HUGE football fan.
I even bought him tickets to a Giants game last year.
Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with him.
But I didn't really understand what was going on and really I just liked wearing the cute hat and jersey and posing for pictures.
Our Superbowl parties are for HIM to watch the game and for ME to watch the commercials.

I used to like shopping. I'd go window shopping or actual shopping. I hung out at the mall even as an adult. Then something happened. I got tired. By the time I get home from school each day, it is all I can do to spend a little time with the family before passing out on the couch. Wearing real clothes and driving to a store? Not happening. If I want something now, I search Amazon. While laying on the couch. In my pajamas. And if I MUST go to the store? Let's just say luckily it's acceptable to shop in your pajamas at Walmart. I just hope I don't get caught on camera...

I set so many goals for myself about eating healthier and working out and losing weight.
I make excuses about how the medicines I take make it hard to lose weight and that I rarely have time to eat at regular intervals so I'm starving when I get home. But the truth is that I LOVE SWEETS so much and I can't seem to control myself around them. Especially baked goods. Has anyone ever eaten a Double Doozie from The American Cookie Company? Heaven!!!

And that's it, folks!
Five facts about me.
Now, tell me about YOU!


  1. Mine's a little different than yours, but I don't kids. Everyone asks why I'm a teacher then. Well, I spend most of my day surround by children. I just want to go home and be kid-free for a couple of hours. Doesn't mean I don't like them. Just don't want to have my own to raise.


    PS. Love your blog design! So cute!

  2. That's completely understandable! I know for me it's just that I don't have to hat sweet cutesy part of me that can cater to the little ones. I like them to be old enough to be more independent.

  3. Your blog post made me crack up! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you found some humor in it. Sometimes when I write on my blog, I wonder if I'm the only one that finds myself drop dead hilarious. Glad there's someone else who shares my sense of humor.

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