The Sunday Scoop (07.12.15)

I decided to link up with Teaching Trio tonight to get my week organized and publicly proclaim my goals. Maybe this will help me stick to them?!?

Here is my Sunday Scoop for July 12.

Three things I HAVE to do...
1. My daughter, Sammy, just got home from visiting her dad in California today. I promised her I would take her shopping to get a new pair of sandals since hers literally busted apart during her trip. Technically this is something I'm happy to do too.
2. I hate grocery shopping with a passion. I hate spending money on food. Especially when I am trying desperately to eat healthy. I tend to end up grabbing a ton of junk food because I can;'t control my cravings. Maybe I'll just get some chicken and have my hubby grill tomorrow night. Yummy!
3. I've signed up for a 2-day inservice through my school district. It's on Wednesday and Thursday. These trainings can go several ways. Sometimes they are super helpful and I enjoy them. Sometimes they are so repetitive that I spend the time counting the minutes until I can escape. And sometimes they are a chance to be super productive and get some planning done for some STEM challenges. I am hoping for the latter.

Two things I HOPE to do...
1. My sweet husband bought me a fancy embroidery sewing machine for Christmas and I've been so worried that I will break it that it has sat untouched in the bonus room since then. I am determined to learn to use it this summer. Hopefully this will be the week I get to it!
2. I am trying to exercise. I think I'll set my alarm for 6:00 am and maybe get out to walk before it gets too unbearably hot. Wish me luck!

One thing I'm HAPPY to do...
1. I have been working on a big product for TpT for about a week. I am really having fun creating the posters, graphic organizers and activities to incorporate in this bundle. I'm planning to spend a good chunk of the afternoon working on it tomorrow since it's supposed to hit 97 (not including the heat index) in the afternoon.

What are your plans for the week? Hop on over to Teaching Trio and link up to Sunday Scoop!


  1. I hate grocery shopping too! I am trying to convince my 16 year old daughter that she can handle it by herself. Ha! Not working very well! Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. I used to have my son run all the errands. Then he went to college. Darn! :)


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