Monday Made It - July 20

Every week I watch all the blog posts for Monday Made It and I think to myself, "I make things. I could join this linky party. I'm going to do week..."

This morning (well actually this afternoon since I ACTUALLY slept in almost until NOON) I started reading the posts again and decided TODAY IS THE DAY. So, for the first time EVER I am going to link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It. Yay me!

Last summer I got a little crazy with white canvas shoes and sharpie markers. I designed all kinds of shoes for people I work with, myself, my sister, and even my nieces and daughters. 

These were for a friend of a friend who wanted shoes for her school spirit day.
 These were for a coworker at MY school. I love the compass on the left shoe!
 These ones were for my academic coach's middle school daughter. They are definitely one of my favorites!
 These are mine. I honestly wear the ALL THE TIME and they are starting to fade. 
Maybe I need to grab another pair of shoes and get creative...
 These ones were painful to make since my husband and I are NY Giants fans, but a teacher at my school begged me to make these so she could wear them on game day.
Here's a picture of my daughters sporting their custom shoes.
My younger daughter loves her shoes (she calls them her "happy shoes"). She is always careful to wear them when the weather is nice so they don't get dirty.
(Love them.)
Making the shoes was fun! But eventually I ran out of steam (and ink in my markers) so I took a break. But since Abbie is only seven, her feet are still growing. Her shoes from last year are officially too small. So I promised her a new pair. I finally got to work last night and got them done!
I love the way they turned out. I added one of my favorite quotes...
My second "made it" is a platter I painted for my husband. 
 It took over a week and a lot of bending over to see the details closely, but it turned out JUST like I had planned.
He is THE BEST "griller of meat" that I know. He has a GIFT with spices. I honestly hardly ever ate meat until I met him. Our first date was him grilling ribs in December in a foot of snow! He just shoveled a little path to the grill and got to work. So, yeah, I married him! :) And yes, his apron and hat were made by me too.
My next item is a TpT product I just updated last night - CSI Cell Investigation.

It is one of my best selling items and also one of my oldest as well. In fact, I really only planned to give it a little face lift (change the cover, update the fonts and add a TOU page) but once I opened it I couldn't stop there.

I started out by adding some fun elements that I wanted to implement when I do this activity with my class this year. I plan to give each group a file folder with the information they need to "solve the crime". So I made (yes actually made) a "CONFIDENTIAL" seal - my first attempt as a type of clip art since I couldn't find what I was imagining anywhere. This makes the whole challenge feel more "real" to the kids as they pretend to be CSI Agents. I also altered the scenario just a little bit so that students have a chance to feel like they "solved" the crime.
I added three suspects (with a little information about each one as well as a mug shot). Some of the cell images I had originally used were difficult to see and identify, so I added 14 more images as well as a teacher answer guide.
 I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out! And I cannot wait to do this with my fifth graders this fall! If you'd like to grab a copy, it's in my TpT Store here!
Lastly, I thought I should include something I made at The Pottery Room.
It all started with a box of clay. MY clay. :)
 I wedged about four pounds of clay together and started centering it on the wheel. This is probably my least favorite part of wheel projects. I can never quite get my clay centered. And with so much clay it was really difficult. But slowly I was able to start pulling it up into a large cylinder. See? Proof that I really DID make it!
 I made a smaller bowl shape to be the lid. It was WAY easier to do this than to throw a closed form. Mine always end up looking like eggs. Using a caliper I could make sure the two pieces were the right size and fit together nicely.
 Next was the fun part! I had to make all the pieces to attach it to the form. 
Horns, eyes, a nose, arms and hands, teeth, and a cookie!
Finally he looked like a monster! Hahahaha. It still makes me laugh looking at him!
 After the greenware was fired, I got to paint him. I am kind of obsessed with the color green for monsters, but I added a bunch of other colors to make him a cheerful monster cookie jar. 
I love how I added "A Coker Monster 2015" on the back side.
  And here's the finished piece!
I LOVE him!
The M&M chocolate chip cookie was the BEST. I even put little Ms on each one.
And that, folks, is my Monday Made It!
This was fun!


  1. You are so crafty! Love the canvas shoes!

    1. Thank you! The summer is when I actually have time to craft. During the school year it is just work, work, work. :)

  2. I adore those shoes! How fun!

    1. Thanks! I have so much fun doodling on them.

  3. I love the shoes!! Did you put anything on them after you were done to protect all the super artwork?

    1. Actually I didn't. I probably should have. Any suggestions on what to use?

  4. Holy cow are you talented or what?!?!?! Those shoes....and that platter....and the cookie jar....what a gift you have!!!! So glad you linked up to share it!!! I hope you come back and link up more;)
    4th Grade Frolics

    1. Oh, you're so sweet! What a boost to my ego! I am totally planning to link up again. It was fun!

  5. Wow! You are incredibly talented! Have you ever considered designing and selling those shoes on Etsy?

    1. Thanks. I've had people tell me that before. The problem is that when I start doing crafts for money it becomes a bit less fun! :)

  6. You are incredibly creative and talented. I am extremely jealous. Love everything you made!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Aw, thanks! But don't be jealous. I'm sure you've got al kinds of amazing talents that I can't accomplish. :)

  7. Wow! You are an artist! Where did you get the white canvas shoes? Did you just use regular sharpies or a special fabric kind?

    My Bright Blue House

    1. I just bought the cheapie canvas shoes from Walmart. I used a combination of oil based sharpie markers and the sharpie fabric markers.

  8. Those shoes are absolutely amazing, I wish you were my best friend so you could teach me how to make them! When you say oil-based Sharpies, does that mean regular Sharpies or are they a special type?

    1. It's a special type of Sharpies - oil based rather than water based. Less likely to bleed.

  9. LOVE! I wish my handwriting was awesome enough for these shoes haha

    Awww the last made it is adorable :D

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  10. Funny. I never like my handwriting. Lol.

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