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I'm kind of a slow poke when it comes to creating new resources. Perhaps a better description is that I am a perfectionist. This leads to me taking forever to finalize a product before taking it live on my store. So this challenge was especially difficult for me.
One of the standards I teach in my fifth grade STEM class requires students to compare the planets in our solar system based on their known characteristics. My students LOVE when they have the opportunity to add something to their interactive journals.

In this activity, students will assemble a booklet featuring the eight planets. They will need to research the planets to discover basic facts about each one. I usually have them use their science books for this activity. The textbook our district has adopted has many data tables, graphs, and pictures as well as text that students can use to complete their booklets.
Click HERE to download a copy today! 
And remember to leave feedback if you do.


  1. You did a great job! I think we've all have started files that we need to go back and finish!
    Teaching, Love, Cupcakes

  2. I'm just glad we have this #tptsellerchallenge to get us motivated. I have found it inspiring to see how hard others are working toward similar goals!

  3. STEM is something I'd like to start incorporating into my classroom. Following your blog will give me good ideas, I'm sure. Thanks!
    First Grade Found Me

    1. Every district seems to have their own take on STEM. Since science is the content area that I focus on most, I try to give students the opportunity to apply their understanding of the concepts in order to solve a problem. I encourage them to use the steps of the engineering design process to do so. My students are always excited and engaged when we are working on a stump challenge.


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