Five for Friday Linky Party - July 24th

It's already been another week!!!
Time to link up with Kacey from Doodlebugs Teaching for a fun friday linky party.
 This is my first time joining, but I have LOVED reading others' posts so I felt it was time to "give back".
 This week has been another whirlwind week for me. I feel like I have gotten so much done and accomplished more than the rest of the summer combined. Quite frankly it's probably because I know I only have a little over two weeks until I have about 100 fifth graders ready to learn.
Part of me is excited to go back and part of me is feeling some A LOT OF anxiety and stress. I still haven't found a really good way to deal with this, so I just plow ahead and work, work, work! What do YOU do when that feeling in the pit of your stomach starts up?!?
On Tuesday, I got to go to our breeder's house and meet the puppies in her current litter of Goldendoodles. I have been stalking her on Facebook, watching for new posts about their weight, coloring, coat type, and just darling pictures!
As soon as I got the ok from Kimberlee, I made the trip to Nashville to see them. This litter has NINE darling puppies. They each have such adorable personalities. I had my eye on a couple of the male puppies specifically, and after my visit I KNEW which one I wanted. 
 His litter name is Samuel. And he is such a beautiful light cream color. His coat is going to be a curly teddy bear type coat. I absolutely adore him!
 After being held and cuddled and loved on, he just curled up for a little nap. He's still so very tiny!
I almost lost it when he stretched out next to my pad of paper. 
Look at that adorable little puppy bottom!!!
BUT the family in front of me on the pick list can't visit until Sunday.
So I have a couple more days to wait until it's official. Kimberlee thinks I'll get him.
Fingers crossed...
Third on my list of randomness for the week is actually a project I've been working on.
I've been trying to update my store and products in anticipation for Back to School. I've had this simple Photosynthesis Recipe Card available for a couple years now. 
It's a popular product, but it was in desperate need of an update.
As it always goes with me, when I start updating a product it turns into a full blown re-do.
I'm not only "cutifying" the recipe card, but I am adding several other activities that will be perfect for adding to students' Interactive Science Notebooks! I'm super excited about it because I always struggle to find more interactive ways to teach/learn about photosynthesis and I feel like I've finally been able to come up with a couple different options.
I'm actually sitting in my sister's kitchen right now with all of my things getting ready to finish and upload it. It should be ready by tonight.
I'll update this post to link directly to the finished kit later today. :)
All set. Just click on the picture above to head directly to the product.
 The day I went to see the puppies, I dragged my oldest son out of bed and took him with me.
To be fair, he DID say he wanted to spend the day with me.
But he's a college kid and sleeping in is part of his lifestyle.

Part of what we did was stop at a little hole-in-the-wall music shop. Jon is an amazing guitar player. The coolest part is that he is self taught. One thing he really likes to do is perform for family and friends on command try out different guitars and pedals. So we spent about an hour in the store while he jammed on different guitars and tried out different settings on the pedals and amps.

 I love this guitar. It has such a cool, vintage feel with the aqua color and "worn" look.
See all of those guitar pedals back on the floor?!? Crazy! They each do something different. It was so neat to have him demonstrate how they changed the sound and explain some about how they worked. I admit I was a bit out of my element, but I love learning. Plus it gave me a chance to hear him play. 
And just in case anyone wants to get him a gift, his favorite one was this Black Fountain pedal. It was so cool sounding. He's been eyeballing it for a while. I totally wanted to buy it for him, but $200 is a little much for an impulse buy. Maybe for Christmas...
Did you know that this week was SHARK WEEK?!? 
I admit that the only reason I know is because my silly son is obsessed with the Sharknado movies.
If you've never seen them, you MUST. They are so incredibly ridiculous that you can't help but laugh at them. Just be sure you're in a silly mood.

Jon planned to invite a bunch of his friends to his apartment and watch Sharknado 3 on Wednesday.
So, being the totally cool helicopter mom that I am, I made him a batch of shark cookies.

Could they have turned out any cuter?!?
I even added a "bloody bone" to their mouths to look like they had just finished eating a diver.
I didn't stay to watch the movie, but he assured me that it was stupid awesome!


  1. The goldendoodle are SO cute! I also cannot get over your shark cookies! I am going to have to think about doing something like that for my classes this year.

    Get Your Science on in Room 701

  2. I know. He's adorable!!!! The cookies are so delicious. I called them "shark bites" because they aren't super big. Just about 2 inches long...

    1. Your puppy is so tiny and cute! So are the shark bites!

      My Bright Blue House

  3. I go back the same time! I have been in my 5th grade classroom a few times this summer...and then a few more times just this week! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer and good luck this year. Your blog is awesome!


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